Terms and Conditions


1. General Conditions

1.1. These Terms and Conditions (from now on “Terms and Conditions”) regulate how to use Car Detail Website, available on www.cardetail.pt (from now on “Car Detail Website”);

1.2. DKR, Lda., headquartered at Avenida Leite de Vasconcelos, nº13, Alfragide, 2610-100 Amadora, VAT Number PT507245130 and Trademark Registration nº 396362, is the legitimate and exclusive owner of Car Detail Website;

1.3. The use of Car Detail Website by Car Detail customers (from now on “Customer”) or Car Detail Website users (from now on “User”) presupposes and implies their knowledge and acceptance of these Terms and Conditions;

1.4. The Customer and the User declare having the necessary legal capacity to allow them to accept these Terms and Conditions;

1.5. Car Detail has the right to modify these Terms and Conditions anytime, without any previous warning.

2. User Conduct

2.1. The Customer and the User have total freedom to use Car Detail Website since they respect these Terms and Conditions and the applicable legislation, particularly the protection of copyright and industrial property, and also criminal laws;

2.2. The following activities are expressly prohibited:

(i) Illegal activities or activities that violate Car Detail rights or its Customers and Users, or other internet users;

(ii) Produce or reproduce content with offensive and defamatory characteristics or that violates the privacy and other rights of third parties;

(iii) Produce or reproduce texts, data, images or programs with content considered illegal, criminal, racist, profane, pornographic, obscene or that, in any way, may violate human rights or violate the current legislation;

(iv) Interfere or conditionate, in any way, the use of Car Detail Website or violate any rules, regulations or norms of the networks linked to its use;

(v) Introduce, transmit or make accessible in any form material that contains viruses, programs, systems or files that destroy or limit the functionality and/or capacity of any computer, including software and hardware or electronic communications equipment;

(vi) Transmit to or from Car Detail Website any material that has not obtained the proper authorizations and/or licenses;

(vii) Transmit to or from Car Detail Website any material that constitutes or encourages conduct considered to be a criminal offense, results in a civil action or is contrary to the law or that infringes the rights of third parties, in Portugal or in the rest of the world.

2.3. Car Detail will cooperate at all levels with legal authorities or court orders when these authorities ask to send the information or location of someone who does not use Car Detail Website in accordance with the conditions described.

3. Terms and Conditions Violation

3.1. Car Detail reserves the right to take all the necessary measures to safeguard its rights in case of violation or attempted of violation of these Terms and Conditions, and may choose to suspend or block access and use of the Car Detail Website, excluding the right to any compensation or indemnity for the Customer or User as a result of such fact.

4. Hyperlinks

4.1. Links to third party sites are made for commercial convenience only. When making use of these hyperlinks, the Customer and the User leave the scope of the Car Detail Website;

4.2. Car Detail is not responsible for or controls the content of third-party sites;

4.3. Car Detail authorizes to link to its site, but the following situations are expressly prohibited:

(i) Replicate Car Detail Website;

(ii) Remove, distort or otherwise change the size or appearance of the Car Detail logo;

(iii) Create a frame, surrounding environment or other Car Detail Website browser;

(iv) Presenting false or fictitious Car Detail information;

(v) Use any protected data from the Car Detail Website without permission.

5. Liability Exclusions

5.1. The entire content of the Car Detail Website, including, in particular, texts, graphics, images, sounds, logos, brands, domains and any other elements, is property of Car Detail, which holds, in particular, the copyright and property rights about it, with the exception of content provided by advertisers or business partners that are identified as such. The copyright protection of the Car Detail content extends to all reproductions or copies, obtained from the content of the Car Detail Website;

5.2. Access to and use of the Car Detail Website might have some to interference, interruptions, disconnections or other anomalies, which Car Detail is unaware of, expressly acknowledging the Customer and the User that no liability can be attributed to Car Detail regarding potential damages that may result for the Customer or User;

5.3. Car Detail does not guarantee that the Car Detail Website will function uninterruptedly or that it will be free of errors or other harmful elements;

5.4. Car Detail reserves the right, at any time, to add, delete or modify any contents of the Car Detail Website;

5.5. Car Detail reserves the right to prevent access and use of the Car Detail Website to any Customers or Users that violate any provision of these Terms and Conditions or any legal rules, namely with regard to the use of the internet and its users;

5.6. Car Detail is not responsible for the accuracy, quality, safety, legality or lawfulness, including compliance with the rules regarding copyright and related rights, in relation to the contents, products or services contained in the Car Detail Website that have been provided by advertisers or commercial partners, as well as for any information contained on third party websites to which it establishes links;

5.7. Car Detail assumes no responsibility for consequences resulting from access by Customers or Users to third party sites through links provided on the Car Detail Website.

6. Customer and User Responsibility

6.1. The Customer and the User are the exclusively responsibles for the use made of the Car Detail Website, and is therefore obliged to respect the applicable legislation, namely the Code of Copyright and Related Rights, the Code of Industrial Property and the Law on Computer Crime, as well as acting in good faith and making use that does not offend any third party rights, namely the right to image, the right to a good name, the right to honor and reserve of private life, as well as if it does not constitute any attack due to race, nationality, ethnic origin, religion, political conviction or sex, which does not constitute defamation, incitement to theft, fraud, violence, terrorism, sadism, prostitution, pedophilia, and even if it does not use content obscene, indecent or pornographic;

6.2. The Customer and the User are authorized to make use of the contents of the Car Detail Website exclusively for the purposes for which they are intended, being expressly prohibited from reproducing, publishing or publicly disclosing, distributing or, in any other way, making content accessible to third parties for the purposes of public communication or marketing, and it is also forbidden to make any changes to the content;

6.3. It is expressly forbidden to the Customer or to the User to create or introduce in the Car Detail Website any type of virus or programs that damage or contaminate it or to advise third parties to do so;

6.4. The Customer and the User are responsible for the losses, direct or indirect, caused to themselves, to Car Detail or to any third parties, related to the use that they make of the Car Detail Website, committing themselves to proceed with the payment of indemnities, that may be attributed by virtue of any action, claim or condemnation to which it gives rise.

7. Suspension or Extinction of Car Detail Website

7.1. Car Detail may freely and at any time suspend or terminate access to and use of the Car Detail Website, without the consequence of any right to compensation or indemnity for Customers or Users.

8. Law and Applicable Jurisdiction

8.1. For all matters not expressly regulated in these Terms and Conditions, Portuguese Law will be applied. In case of a dispute regarding the validity, effectiveness, interpretation, integration, application or compliance with these Terms and Conditions, Car Detail and the Customer/User accept that it will be submitted to the exclusive jurisdiction of the Lisbon District Court, with express waiver of any other.